Injury update – Sept 12, 2012

Hello everyone…hope you are all well!

So…we are just over 3 weeks into the the leg fracture and things are progressing just nicely.  I finally was able to get a brace for it, instead of just having it padded and wrapped with tensors.  At least the leg can breathe now.  So, we had another x-ray done this past Thursday, and the Doc says it is healing nicely.  Thank goodness for that.  At the moment I am so bored.  There is only so much TV that someone can watch.  Well…I am reading lots as well and am actually going to start reading some website development books.  Might as well learn something while I am here!

I wish there was more that I can do, but the Dr has given me strict orders to keep my leg immobile and non-weight bearing.  Most of my day is either spent lying down in bed reading, or lying on the couch with my leg resting on a foot stool watching TV.  There is so much that needs to be done around the house…but I am just not able to get anything done.  It is getting rather frustrating!  I do have to say a huge thanks to my wife…who has been a little frustrated with the situation, has been just amazing for me, making sure that I have everything that I need before she leaves for work.  She is still dealing with her own issues regarding her back still…so I am trying to not to get her to do too much for me.  My son refers to us as his two broken parents.

Anyways…just wanted to give you a little update about what has been happening since my last update.  Overall things are fine…the leg is healing…and I will rise to fit another day.  Just a little stumbling block on my way to achieving my goals!  My resolve is only getting stronger!


End of Summer…

Well…it has been 13 days since the volleyball incident…and we are still hanging in there waiting on getting the leg braced.  I saw the Orthopedic Surgeon yesterday for the second time, and he decided that we are going to wait another week for the swelling to go down further.  Once that is done, we will get the brace fitted and then it is just lie around and wait.  Not much fun for someone who has some goals that need meeting.  As of right now, all plans are on hold.  I have to wait once again to get the all clear from the Dr.

So, their is no podcast upcoming for the time being, and to be perfectly honest, it might just get scraped all together.  I need to regroup and evaluate what is most important to me.  The documentation of trying to get healthy, or actually getting healthy?  I am leaning towards the later…but time will tell.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has given me support in all of my attempts at getting healthy.  It has been much appreciated…and will never be forgotten.

I will keep everyone updated as we progress with the recovery, and once I start to get moving once again…you will be the first to know.


This is getting ridiculous…

So…the plan has changed once again.  And not for the good either!  All I can do is laugh right now!!  It is really ridiculous!!

Last Saturday, I was at my bother-in-laws wedding which was held in the spacious backyard of the brides sister.  It was a wonderful wedding, and we where all having lots and lots of fun!  The wife lost the best out of 3 Rock Paper Scissors to sort out the designated driver for the evening.  The location of the wedding was just over 1 hour away from our house, so taking a cab was not in the cards.  As well, we have our dog, so we could not stay in a hotel.  No worries, we understand the drill.  It was all good.

Anyways, as the night progressed, the girlfriend of our cousin kept saying that she wanted to play some volleyball before the night was over.  No one took her up on it till about 9:30pm.  It was dark out, but the court did have lights, so we where good to go.  We had enough players to be 4 a side, plus my 6 year old playing against me.  About 10:15pm, it happened.  I went for a ball, and my knee hyper extended, and all I felt was pain.  For those that are curious…I did not get the point.  It really did hurt, but I was still able to put a little weight on it.  I mostly hopped over to the side, found a chair and just tried to regroup for about 30 minutes.  The game was declared over…and after visiting for a little more we decided to head for home.  I was in a little bit of pain on the drive home, but I really just thought that it was a hyper extended knee.

However, when I woke up in the morning, I knew that something was seriously wrong.  After a couple of hours, I finally woke the wife and my son up and said that…we have to take me to the ER and get checked out.

We spent about 2 hours in the waiting room, then where moved to a different waiting area where we waited to see the Dr, for about another hour.  When the Dr finally looked at my leg, he figured that it was just soft tissue damage as their was limited pain in the areas that he was prodding.  He sent me for x-rays on both my knee and my shoulder.  Did I mention my shoulder yet?  I hurt that when trying to brace my fall that did the knee in.  Anyways…we went and got the x-rays done.  They where rather quickly done, and then headed back to wait for the Dr again.  It was about another 30 minutes and he was back.  He called me over to review the x-rays with him, and as I hobbled about halfway over to him, he turned and shouted for me to stop.  Do not put any more weight on that leg.  It turns out that in the knee, the Tibia is fractured in the plate.  Very painful.  So…they wrapped up the leg as it was too swollen for anything else and sent me home.  We booked a CT-Scan for the following day and then a visit to see the orthopedic surgeon the day after that.

The CT scan was a piece of cake.  In and out.  Done in about 20 minutes…including the waiting time.  Much better than the day before.

The next day we got to see the specialist, and yes…he confirmed that it is fractured.  Based on where the injury is, there is no surgery for it.  All we can do is keep it immobile for 2-3 months.  So, because there is too much swelling right now, I am just supposed to stay off it, and then we will go see him next Thursday and get it braced up for the next while.

So…I guess the training plan is on hold once again!  I will be back…and keep everyone updated on the progress of it.

Talk to you all soon…

Vacation is ending…

Well, the end of holidays is nearly here, and I am already dreading heading back to the office.  Tomorrow we catch the ferry back home from Pender Island, and get back to reality.  The wife and I are trying to sort out when we can get back up here to the island house, as we have a few things that still need to be finished.

So, we started the vacation with a 10 hour drive to our cabin on Wasa Lake, just outside Cranbrook, B.C.  We spent 11 days there (with a drive that long…you have to stay for over a week to make the travel worth it), and are excited for our visit back there once again next year.  This was my view morning…day…and night…


Not too shabby to be able to spend time here…

After the 10 hour drive home, we quickly did some laundry and then headed over the house on Pender Island to finish the vacation.  I have to tell you we are extremely lucky to have unlimited access to these homes, as they are extremely enjoyable to relax at.  We caught the ferry first thing in the morning, and then after a few stops we arrived.  I have to tell you that their is noting like watching the ocean to start your day.  With the sea life, as well as the tankers passing us by, there is always something happening!Image

Nothing like a little sea kayaking to end the evening.  Thankfully I did not get any pictures of me taking a tumble into the water…while exiting the kayak.  Oh well…It was a cold and refreshing spill…

Tomorrow I will try to record on my first walk at home after I get the dog from the in-laws.  We did not take him with us to the island house as we had too much work going on and he usually gets in the way of the power tools.  So…for now…we will catch you all later…

The plan? Fingers crossed!

So like I said in the previous post, we are back to the starting point. Back to square one! What is that going to mean for me? Well…let’s look at the next month. In 2 weeks I am going on vacation to our cabin for 2 weeks, so I think for the next month, I really need to focus on my diet, and on walking only. Work on loosing weight through healthy eating while getting cardio from good long walks with the dog. That should give me some good testing on my hip, and make sure that I will be able to move forward after that.
Now, that said, it is going to be really tough for me to do that. Stick to just a walking program that is. I always feel like I should be doing more than just walking, and want to bump up the program. It will be a real test for me to see if I can stay focused on a plan. When we are at the cabin, I will be walking around the lake every morning and every night. It is a 9km round trip, so that will make it 18km each day. I will be trying to make these walks as brisk as possible to ensure that I am getting the most out of them cardio wise.
As for the diet, we are really just looking for lots of healthy eating. It is going to be a combination of a few things. Using some Weight Watchers recipes, adapting some of the 17 Day Diet food groups and trying to use Clean Foods to avoid all processed meals. The goal will be to only eat lean meats for entrees, while eating only fruit and vegetables at snack times. Avoid the chips and other things that are usually out and around the Cabin. Really, my only issue at the cabin will be the vegetarian dinners, as my father in-law is a meat and potatoes guy. A meal is not a meal without having some sort of meat as the main focus. We will just take that one day at a time and do the best that I can. It is all that I can ask.
Hopefully following this for one month will get me on the right track, and help me loose some weight in a very healthy way. Once we get back we will evaluate how it went and go from there. Maybe stay on the same path, or add in something to the program. I am not thinking that far ahead…anymore. One day at a time…that is all that we can do.

Ugh…back to the start once again!

It really seems like a never ending saga with me.  Start getting healthy, start a training program of some sort…and then get hurt.

Everything was going great with Power 90 program into the start of June, then the wheels fell off!  Why, do you ask?  Well, that is a simple answer.  I am a certifiable moron!  Yup…I did it again.  Things are going good…and I shoot myself in the foot by adding more to the program…way too soon!  I really am my own worse enemy!  However…I am not deterred…I will start again…and get back on track.

So…the injury actually was starting to scare me a little.  I thought that the bursitis was coming back to haunt me again as the pain was in my hip.  However, I really rested and then added a little stretching in, and within about 3 weeks…I am pain free again.  I know that I have a slight case of arthritis in that hip, but nothing that should cause me that much pain.

So, now that I have been pain free for 5 days, I am ready to slowly get back into things once again.  Moving slowly though…and taking it one day at a time.  I am still trying to sort out what exactly I am going to be starting…but I will have it figured out in the next day or so.  Of course, if anyone has any thoughts, I am open to suggestions.  Email me at

So to start, I just went out with the kid and kicked the soccer ball around to see how it felt.  So far so good.  Tomorrow, the kid and I are going to go to the park and see if we can get some soccer training in.  He starts soccer camp on Monday, so we need to test out his new boots.

Anyways…that is what is up with me for the time being.  Just slowly getting back into the swing of things…

Talk to you soon…

Day 6 – Power 90

Yup…it’s done!  Not gonna lie though…did not kick it up a notch!  Dealing with a really bad head and chest cold…so it was more or less just going through the motions.  Still worked up a sweat…but it is done for the night.

REST DAY tomorrow…and right now I need it to try and kick this cold!!!